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Is the lack of easy financial assistance holding you back from pursuing your dream technical or professional course? Don't worry, like always, Quiklo’s got you covered.

All students should be able to afford their dream education but that’s not always the case. With Quiklo's Easy Education Loans, students can breathe easy because we will provide the required financial assistance to pursue any technical or professional course; what's more, Quiklo will also help you with funding your coaching programs for competitive entrance exams like CAT, JEE and any short terms courses.

It’s simple - get accepted into your dream short/long term course, apply for Quiklo's Easy Education Loan with minimal documentation ( as less as your Aadhar card and college ID card ) and we will process and disburse the loan immediately!


Completely Digital

No collateral or mortgage

Minimal documentation

Low interest rates

Speedy disbursal

RBI certified Financers


Who is eligible for this loan?

Any student who is the above the age of 18 either studying or seeking admission in a degree college in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. You can take the loan for your college fee, coaching classes, certification course or any other professional courses.

Do parents need to sign the loan agreement?

Yes. Parents will be primary applicant and we will do a CIBIL check before approving the loan

What is the maximum amount that can be financed?

We can finance upto 1 Lakh of college fee per year. You can finance fee for all 3 or 4 years of college.

When do I pay back the amount?

You start paying back the loan immediately. Maximum payback period is 12 months

Can I finance fee for all the years/semesters?

Yes. If you clear your loan for previous year/semester, we can issue new loan for new semester

What happens if I get delayed on the EMI?

Depends on how late you get. We start by imposing late fee followed by CIBIL reporting.

If you have any additional questions then please email to us at

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